About Myself

Mission Statement

We are driven to capture not just your memories, but the world of emotions that surround you. Stay in the moment, while we do the rest.


I am a photographer. It is what I love, and it is the passion that I will carry with me forever. Two other loves that are close to my heart includes helping others by offering my personal strengths, as well as my immediate love of all animals I meet. With these two passions,

Cuddlebug Photography was born.

Photography Style

My Photography style can be described as Emotive. As defined, Emotive Photography is an image which captures, creates or evokes an emotional outpouring. We pride ourselves in having the ability to capture these feelings, so you and your family can treasure them for years to come.

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."
                         - David Alan Harvey

Core Values



Our dedication to your project will never be in question. We are committed to every project we take on, and always exceeding your expectations.

Your story is the root of our projects. We take your story and make something truly unique. Without the power of imagination, Cuddlebug Photography would not be possible.


We genuinely love providing only the best, high-quality photos for your and your family. Continuously updating our trends, we always strive for improvement.


We look forward to earning your respect in our future projects. As a client, as an artist, and as a friend. We will always respect your family, and their individuality, and this will reflect in our work.